kinanokaori: Thank you so much! :3 now the button appears and works without any problems <3!

That’s great! Once again, I’m sorry for the trouble! I hope you keep enjoying this tumblr 


“I want to see you once more, but I can’t say it well, so i’ll say it in music and let it flow with the wind”

-Akiyoshi Kiryuu, Ginyu Meika


Fin Fish - Artbook

Fin: Tham
Photographer: Unknown 

Perfect cosplay!

ayanotaro: your new theme is really cool!, i love the picture you chose to be on the left-hand side of your blog >3< (ahh, im always crazy about fullmoon :3)

Thank you for your feedback, mitsuki-anime! You’ve been so supportive and I truly appreciate that!! ♥ 

 I’m happy with the layout because FullMoon has a beautiful lineart, and I really miss Arina’s old style…

pichulove: Oh! I see the buttons again on your theme(I guess I was missing them)! I think what you did fixed it!

I’m so glad to know that! I can see them again, too! 

I don’t know what happened, though. Everything was just fine when I left this morning and it seems that half of the theme code disappeared while I was not online. I really hope it doesn’t happen again!

pichulove: Since I am already following you, I don't know about the whole button thing. I do know you can follow someone by going to the page where it lists everyone you are following. Then type in "tanemuraarina" in the box above that to follow that way. Hope that makes sense... XD

Thank you, pichulove!!!! <3

I haven’t found the problem yet, so I decided to reinstall the theme. I hope it works, because I really don’t know anything about css and html…

kinanokaori: I don't know if this is just me, but I can't see the follow button in the page... and I want to follow your blog so badly ;_; Tanemura is one of my favorite mangakas and I adore her works <3

OMG, I’m so sorry that’s happening to you! I don’t know what’s the problem, but I’m going to try to fix it right now. Is anyone having the same issue as well?